Electric feedback buffer foot valve

The Electric feedback Foot Pedal has the following characteristics:
Convenient operation: With a foot operated device, the operator can easily control the opening and closing of the valve without the need for manual operation.
Quick response: The switching action of the electric feedback foot valve usually has a fast response time and can quickly adjust the flow of the medium.
Remote control: Through electrical signal control, the electric feedback foot valve can achieve remote control, facilitating the application of automation systems.
Accurate control: The electric feedback foot valve can accurately control the flow rate of the medium by adjusting the size of the electrical signal, suitable for application scenarios that require precise control.
High reliability: Electric feedback foot valves are usually made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, which have high reliability and durability.

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The Electric feedback Foot Pedal is a highly efficient and innovative valve that revolutionizes the control of switching actions through electrical signals. A pivotal component of this valve is the foot-operating device, which consists of a pedal and a spring. With a simple step on the pedal, the valve is triggered through the action of the spring, ensuring a seamless and efficient switching action.
At the heart of the Electric feedback Foot Pedal lies the solenoid valve, which plays a key role in controlling the flow of media by receiving electrical signals. When the pedal is pressed, an electrical signal is sent to the solenoid valve, resulting in the switching action of the valve and thereby altering the flow state of the medium. This electric feedback mechanism ensures precise and responsive control of media flow, making it an essential component for industries that require accurate and efficient flow control.
Our company, Ningbo Flag-UP Hydraulic Co., Ltd., is proud to present this ground-breaking product. As an emerging technological innovation enterprise in the hydraulic industry, our aim is to provide cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency and improve workflow. With extensive experience and a commitment to excellence, our team has developed the Electric Feedback Foot Valve with the vision of simplifying valve control and streamlining operations for our customers.
The Electric feedback Foot Pedal boasts several impressive features that make it a reliable and indispensable tool. It allows for convenient operation, as the foot-operating device enables users to control the valve without the need for hands-on operation. Additionally, the valve has a fast response time, ensuring quick adjustments to the flow of the medium. Furthermore, through electrical signal control, the valve can be remotely operated, facilitating the application of automation systems. The valve also offers precise control capabilities, allowing for accurate regulation of medium flow by adjusting the size of the electrical signal. Finally, the valve is made of high-quality and durable materials, making it highly reliable and long-lasting, even in demanding environments.
In conclusion, the Electric Feedback Foot Valve is a state-of-the-art solution that brings convenience, efficiency, and reliability to valve control. With its superior features and robust performance, it is an exceptional choice for industries that require precise and responsive flow control. Explore the limitless possibilities of valve control with the Electric Feedback Foot Valve from Ningbo Flag-UP Hydraulic Co., Ltd.


The electric feedback foot valve is widely used, and the following are some possible application scenarios:
Industrial production line: The electric feedback foot valve is suitable for controlling the flow of liquid or gas, and can be used for process control in automated production lines, such as controlling the supply and stop of liquid or gas on the assembly line.
Hydraulic system: The electric feedback foot valve can be used to control the flow of oil in the hydraulic system, such as controlling hydraulic lifting platforms, hydraulic lifting devices, etc.

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